Get involved in the behind the scenes of a festival!

Tight on cash but still want to come to R&S? Want to get involved in the behind the scenes of a festival? Volunteer!

Buy a membership and you’ll then get a link to our volunteer site, where you can sign up for shifts!

Pre-Festival Volunteer Crews

Venue Crew

Help get Fisher’s Paradise festival-ready by prepping new campsites, clearing trails, and performing landscaping activities on site before the fest. 

Office Crew

The Office Crew is responsible for completing various tasks in Sudbury before the fest such as putting up posters, assembling documents and organizing merchandise. 

Set Up Crew

Come to Fisher’s Paradise early and help us set up before the Festival starts! You’ll set up tents, stack wood, set up signage and  help with anything that is needed to get the grounds ready for the fest!

Festival Volunteer Crews

Ecowarrior Crew

If you love mama earth and want to ensure that we take care of it during the festival, sign up to be an Ecowarrior! You will be responsible for keeping the venue clean throughout the festival.

Gate Crew

We need friendly faces to welcome our festival-goers to the venue, help them sign in, and guide them to the load-in area where they are further directed. 

Merch Crew

The Merch Crew is responsible for helping our audience find their favourite festival swag! Bring your passion for engaging with people to selling sweet band gear and R&S merchandise to festival attendees.

Artist Hospitality Crew

The Hospitality Crew provides a welcoming  environment for artists. Ensuring that the artists’ needs are met is key to maintaining a great vibe at R&S. There will be a lot of behind-the-scenes work delivering meals and cleaning up.

Instrument Lock Up

This crew oversees the checking in/out of artist instruments and tech equipment. They are responsible for cataloguing checked items, labelling them appropriately, storing them safely and maintaining their security throughout the festival.

Parking/Loading Crew

Parkers and Loaders help arriving festival go-ers park safely and guide them in getting all their gear to their sites. As an arrival’s second point of contact, this crew helps to ease the load in process!

Runner Crew

Festival runners are the super heroes of the festival – swooping in to help us solve problems as they pop up. You might be asked to fill in when circumstances leave us short handed on certain crews or asked to help when unprecedented tasks arise.

Post Volunteer Crews

Tear Down Crew

Stick around after the festival and help us restore Fisher’s Paradise to its pristine pre-festival condition. FUN FACT: Help out with tear down and receive a full festival pass to R&S 2024!


Purchase a R&S membership! You’ll then receive a link to our volunteer website where you’ll have access to all the info you need.

A crew is a team! They group specific tasks into different volunteer roles that you can hold throughout the festival. For example, Merch Crew, Gate Crew and Hospitality Crew!

Depends on your crew!

  • 18 hours for pre festival volunteers
  • 12 hours for those volunteering during the festival
  • 9 hours for those volunteering after the festival (9 hours on Sunday or 4.5 hours on Sunday and Monday)

Yep! Volunteers can sign up for shifts on a first come first serve basis. Make sure you apply to the same crew and same shifts as soon as the sign up information is sent to you to increase chances of working on the same crew the same time.

Yes! By fulfilling your volunteer requirements, you’ll get access to the whole weekend of music, camping and good times.

Yes! You are able to volunteer before, during or after the festival. And were going to need LOTSS of help before the festival to get the venue ready this year.

Volunteers that help our with Tear Down will not only receive access to this year’s festival but will also receive a Full Festival Pass to next year’s fest!

If you are on our Set Up Crew or any crew that volunteers during the festival (Artist Hospitality, Merch, Runner, Peer Support, Ecowarriors, Instrument Lock up, Gate, Parking/Loading, Runner)

Pre festival Venue Crew volunteers will be fed while out working at Fisher’s before the fest!