River & Sky Arts in the Woods Inc. is a grassroots not-for-profit, run out of Northern ON.

We produce our annual music festival every summer, plus many other outreach shows to support music and arts. We work in the spirit of inclusivity & community.




R&S does not tolerate discrimination, harassment or hate of any kind – we are a safe space for all in the community.



We recognize that we are occupying and operating on the traditional territories of the Aaniishinaabe of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Nipissing First Nation, Temagami First Nation, and Wahnapitae First Nation, on the land shared with the Robinson Huron Treaty First Nation signatories.



With respect comes responsibility, that being said we expect everyone to keep their trash in check and sorted. R&S will recycle all empties and is passionate about keeping the land clean.


Abigail Cassio

Executive Director

Marketing & Communications

Volunteer Coordinator


Carrie Graham


Alana Malcolm


Erin Danilyw


Hannah Burke

Secretary & Sustainability Officer

Deniz Frik

Health & Safety Officer

Spencer Shewen

Board Member

Cynthia McNichol

Board Member

Leslie Bochna

Board Member

Melanie Vanco

Board Member