The Land of River & Sky: Fisher’s Paradise

For the 10th year now, R&S will be taking place at Fishers’ Paradise, the home of our weird and wacky festival. Our location is pretty spectacular, with lush camping, beautiful skies and of course, the river! Check out our map below to help familiarize yourself with the grounds before arriving. Maps will also be available on the back of your programs, as well as in big formats posted at our Main Stage and Beach Stage.

We’d like to give a huge thanks to Chris, Julie and their family and friends for being such massive supporters and fans of the festival, and for sharing their beautiful home with R&S.

At R&S, we take sustainability seriously. We mandate leaving the lands the way that we entered them, respecting nature and each other. We hope that you will leave R&S renewed and recharged to fight the good fight, to work to preserve and improve what this Earth still has to offer. The time is now for us to be individual difference makers, stand with the Indigenous peoples of this land and constructively push an earth-friendly agenda forward.

We recognize that we are occupying and operating on the traditional territories of the Aaniishinaabe of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, Nipissing First Nation, Temagami First Nation, and Wahnapitae First Nation, on the land shared with the Robinson Huron Treaty First Nation signatories. We recognize and respect the Aaniishinaabe people’s sacred relationship with the land and water. River & Sky Arts in the Woods will strive to protect the rights of the Aaniishinaabe peoples and preserve the health and integrity of the lands and waters by ensuring our gatherings leave the lands in the way we entered them.