U.S. Girls

Friday, July 19th at 10:00 P.M.

Over the pulsating reverberations of disco-era beats and smarmy synthesizers, the voice of U.S. Girls’ Meghan Remy is at once familiar and strikingly fresh, skillfully playing with kitsch and Debbie Harry-inspired vocals to mask a unified political and personal agenda about the state of working women. The music isn’t didactic, though, but rather hooky, atmospheric and playful. Songs begging for repeat spins. Like an underwater, -bent version of ABBA. In their review of U.S. Girls’ sophomore record In a Poem Unlimited, Pitchfork glowing writes: ‘Remy remains a narrative savant wedded to the thrill of the unexpected, the razor under the tongue, and she fills her songs with cryptic passages and unexpected allusions.’ Perfect for a summer’s night, perfect for wading into the murkiest of waters. Expect a huge cast of supporting players on stage at R&S.