Friday, July 19th at 7:00 P.M.

Hailing from Montreal, Pottery is 4 piece outfit with a nervy and experimental sound that’s best described as a psychedelic garage-punk new wave hybrid. The band is relatively new to the music scene having just released their debut single, “Hank Williams,” in November 2018. “We were messing around with a few ideas we had and the song just fell into place naturally. Once we had the bones of the song in place a friend heard it and said it sounded like Hank Williams on speed. We liked that idea, so we ran with it for the lyrics. There ya have it, Hank was born (again),” explains the band. Renowned in their hometown for their high energy shows that have been described by critics as “thrillingly visceral” and “endearingly brash,” Pottery is sure to bring that same energy to the main stage on Friday night. Watch for their first EP, No. 1, out on May 10th!