Orville Peck

Thursday, July 18th at 11:30 P.M.

Who is that masked man with the face tassels? Orville Peck’s true identity is not widely known — although he appears to be a cowboy, sometimes living in Toronto, and his debut album, Pony (March 2019) explores the role of the outsider and the internally broken hearted. The sound? Gravelly country, infused with some Twin Peaks bass. He says his past includes playing in punk bands, working as an actor, as well as studying ballet and theatre mask. The mask, he says, is not about hiding but about being truer to himself. “We’re this anxiety-driven generation, because we have all these expectations of our parents’ generation, and we don’t have the easy-going attitude of young millennials, so we’re trapped in this anxiety: Are we doing the right thing? Can we achieve what we’re supposed to achieve? Is it okay just to be an artist and to be free in the world? Those are questions that I struggle with a lot as I get older. I think I know a lot of cowboys. A lot of us feel like it would just be easier to get on our horse and go sometimes,” Peck told Fader Magazine this spring. In “Turn to Hate” Peck sings on a small stage as a mechanical bull-riding competition with many contestants, including Mac Demarco, riding and sliding off the bull in slo-mo in front of him.