Friday, July 19th at 8:00 P.M.

MUNYA is Josie Boivin, a French Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer from Montreal. Classically trained as a pianist, Boivin spent her teens in the highly competitive world of opera and then briefly studied jazz at the University of Montreal before leaving to travel the world. Truly a jack of all trades, Boivin has played keyboards and done backing vocals for numerous local artists in Montreal, perfectly honing her skills as a producer, performer, and musician. And she illustrates her own cover art too. In 2018 MUNYA started creating her own music which eventually became a series of three EPs – a trilogy – each named for a significant place in her life. The resulting sound is a beautiful and satisfying mixture of alternative pop and new synth folk. When asked about her process, Boivin admits, “I don’t really understand how I make music, I feel like it’s coming from another world”.