Friday, July 19th at 9:00 P.M.

Sometimes it takes a dad to name a band. In this case Pat O’Brien’s dad talked about taking a “leisurely jaunt” with friends and so Jaunt –now made up of Thomas Helliwell, Duncan Hood, Nick Nausbaum, O’Brien and Daniel Reardon– was born. The band has been called “Ontario’s Rising Pop Renegades” by Exclaim! for their anti-establishment vibe (they don’t like to tour) and the seamless way they slip back and forth between pop, jazz, and R&B. Clash magazine described the debut EP Chat (2016) as combining “infectious pop hooks, off-kilter melody and wavy, synth-laden guitars.” This EP was followed by another, Cue in 2018, and their latest single, “On your mind” in February of this year — featuring an endlessly dancing Pat.