Gladys Lazer

Saturday, July 20th at 2:30 P.M.

Back in 2016, Gal Lazer played our campfire stage with his former band Yonatan Gat; two virtuosos duelling it out alongside the Sturgeon River, one with a guitar and the other a drum kit. This year the Tel Aviv born musician brings his project — Gladys Lazer– percussive music flowing from a nomadic lifestyle. His debut EP Candy World/Bye Past (2017) was recorded between tours in a lake house in rural SW Georgia, a recording studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in small rooms in Brooklyn. “Each session was different than the other, and deserved finding a different working method. The music was never pre-written, all of it was born and developed in the recording process,” he explained in an interview with Ottawa Showbox. It features eight percussive pathways: sonic vignettes that combust breakbeat, post-jazz, krautrock, and trip-hop in a cycle of pastoral day-dreamscapes and ragged electronic dirges.
Gal’s performance energy and connection to his music are palpable – we are stoked.