Fucked Up

Saturday, July 20th at 10:00 P.M.

Fucked Up is at the forefront of a revolution that kicks off in the heart, travels to the brain like a viral infection and sends signals to the feet to jump, kick and thrash, all the while burning down every concept written about what it means to be punk. Some 18 years after the band’s debut — after touring worldwide, having kids and winning a Polaris prize — Fucked Up still work deftly to create inventive melodies, killer guitar arrangements and jaw-dropping breakdowns.

The band’s newest release, 2018’s Dose Your Dreams, focuses on what happens to aging hipsters and sore scene kids when adulthood rears its ugly head, offering songs like ‘Normal People’ that blend the hometown vibes of Springsteen with the cynicism and confusion of PUP. In a nod to just how talented and versatile the band is, Pitchfork writes “Dose Your Dreams demands forgetting everything you know about Fucked Up, and that includes seeing them as a traditionally structured band.” Catch Fucked Up in all their weirdly inventive ways when they hit the Main Stage on Saturday.