Fast Romantics

Sunday, July 21st at 1:30 P.M.

Fast Romantics have been blurring the lines between indie-rock and classic pop for some time, but with American Love (2017), people around the world began paying more attention to this Toronto-based band. Its politically charged single “Why We Fight” was released on the same day as the inauguration of Donald Trump, featuring clips of American pop culture and protest movements, mingled with an actor playing Abraham Lincoln (from a propaganda piece produced in 1956), who is made to lip sync the lyrics. The song broke the top 20 on the Canadian alternative rock charts and hit #1 on the CBC R2 National Charts, and the band was also short-listed for the prestigious Anchor Award at the Reeperbahn Festival in Germany. “I was falling pretty hard in love when we started the record. But the songs ended up being paintings of what it felt like to fall in love while the rest of the world went mad,” Frontman and lyricist Matthew Angus explained. “Is it a collection of love songs about politics or is it a collection of political songs about love?” By no means, the group’s only success, in 2015 the band’s single “Julia” ended up climbing the charts, finding itself on commercial radio on both sides of the border, and eventually won the SOCAN national songwriting prize in 2016.