Dany Laj & the Looks

Friday, July 20th at 3:30 P.M.

Songwriter and band frontman Dany Laj (Lajeunesse) and bassist Jeannette Dowling, who recently moved to Sudbury from Montreal, are two members of the band Dany Laj & the Looks. They played as a duo at Shiver & Sky (and Dany also rocked and rolled our 2011 festival in Kearney) but this summer at R&S they’ll be joined by a drummer to become Dany Laj & the Looks. Dany grew up not too far from these parts in Kirkland Lake, a rural gold-mining town. His heartfelt songs seamlessly meld together elements of rock, folk, and country, without straying too far from their power-pop roots, with nods to tunesmiths like Nick Lowe and Paul Westerberg. There is something so fun and infectious about the catchy hooks and harmonies that bounce back between Dany and Jeanette (who are also pretty darn cute) in their latest video release,  “Left Right To One,” as they sing “Yes, we belong together!” This Spring saw them touring parts of the US and Canada as well as playing Quebec City’s Festival d’été in July.

video: https://youtu.be/awlIaFq2Cn0