Daniel Romano

Friday, July 20th at 11:30 P.M.

Daniel Romano played the first R&S with a young punk band called Attack in Back, then came back the next year for the sweetest campfire set, a duo with Misha. Back again in 2014, he headlined the Sunday afternoon as well as led our Regional Development artist campout. As songwriter he’s one of our greats – nominated for a Juno in 2016 (best alternative) as well as two Polaris Prizes. His solo projects have been called folky “not-quite country” or “country for people who don’t like country.” In 2016, he also started Ancient Shapes, a fierce power-pop band that plays so fast your docs can’t keep up. Besides his work as a musician, Daniel’s also a Juno-nominated graphic designer and earned a platinum for producing City in Colour. This January, Romano released two simultaneous surprise albums, Human Touch and Nerveless. http://youvechangedrecords.com/portfolio/daniel-romano/