Chad VanGaalen

Saturday, July 21st at 10:00 P.M.

Chad VanGaalen carried us away on a sunny Sunday of R&S in 2012 with his hauntingly-voiced, story-songs filled with electric imagery and sound. We can’t wait to see him take over the Saturday night of our tenth festival.  Light Information is an album that’s about “not feeling comfortable with really anything,” as Van Gaalen says, Light Information  (his sixth) is nonetheless a vivid, welcoming journey through future worlds and relentless memories. The rich soundscapes and sometimes jarring imagery (“I’ll be the host body, yes, for the parasitic demons. They can eat me from the inside out, I already hear them chewing.”) could only come from the mind of a creative polymath–an accomplished visual artist, animator, director, and producer, VanGaalen has scored television shows, designed puppet characters for Adult Swim, directed videos for Shabazz Palaces, Strand of Oaks, METZ, Dan Deacon, and The Head and the Heart, and produced records for Women, Alvvays, and others.

While alienation has always been a theme of VanGaalen’s music, Light Information draws on a new kind of wisdom–and anxiety–gained as he watches his kids growing up. “Being a parent has given me a sort of alternate perspective, worrying about exposure to a new type of consciousness that’s happening through the internet,” he says. “I didn’t have that growing up, and I’m maybe trying to preserve a little bit of that selfishly for my kids.”