Born Ruffians

Thursday, July 19th at 10 P.M.

Recently reunited, the trio, made up of singer/guitarist Luke Lalonde, bassist Mitch DeRosier and drummer Steve Hamelin, has just released their fifth album – Uncle, Duke & The Chief. Their sound is a reconnection with an old school rock’n roll sound, the kind first heard on their parents’ turntables with records by Buddy Holly and the Everly Brothers. The name of the album, reflects this looking back as it pulls together each of their dad’s nicknames. “Love too soon” from this album, debuted at #20 on the New Alternative 40 Chart when it was released last fall. Born Ruffians played our second R&S festival in 2010, driving the audience to some rock infused footwork. The group is also celebrating a milestone – 10 years since the release of their first album.

Miss You (released Jan 9, 2018)
Love too Soon