Saturday, July 21st at 4:30 P.M.

Montreal based 4-piece Anemone is made up of Chloe Soldevila, Renny Wilson, Miles Dupire-Gagnon, Samuel Gemme, and Gabriel Lamont who aim to capture “the feeling of dancing and forgetting about everything.” Anemone’s indie psych pop is filled with classical influences, twangy guitar riffs, haunting synth lines, and Soldevila’s cheerful vocals. Exclaim! describes their songs as “lengthy odysseys through the realms of jangle rock, dream pop and psych”. WIth her songs, frontwoman and songwriter Soldevila says she wants to convey an image of a deep landscape, of strength and infinite possibilities. Anemone’s newly released album Baby Only You & I (released on April 27th) shows just that.  The group’s shows are high energy and always get people moving so get ready to dance R&S!