Land Of Talk

Sunday, July 22nd at 2:30 P.M.

Life After Youth” is the 2017 album that witnessed the re-emergence of Liz Powell, after a seven-year hiatus. The songs have a haunting presence of awareness about them.  Powell’s voice is at ease, strong and clear, with lyrics conveyed beautifully over mantric melodies.  Powell is seemingly timeless having walked back into the music scene without missing a step.  Youth is a place where we can all go despite having time pass over us.  Powell reminds us that youth holds a state of mind and heart that we can all return to and appreciate at any time, despite life’s inevitable challenges and trials.  

“It doesn’t take much longer than that opening second for Life After Youth to demonstrate exactly why Land Of Talk has been so sorely missed: Powell’s voice captures a just-right mix of sweetness and ache, while the arrangements that surround her have evolved to incorporate not only the usual churn of guitars, but also an appealing swirl of synths and effects. Given how close Powell was to retiring from music, Land Of Talk’s return is cause for both stirring celebration and a deep sigh of relief.” — Stephen Thomson, NPR

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