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Water at Fishers’ Paradise is drawn from a 170′ drilled well. We lab test our water prior to R&S, working in accordance with our district Health Unit. Please do not bring plastic water bottles to the festival. Bring your refillable’s. The water filling station is located in the food vending area.  Ice is sold in the vending area.


You can have a cookout or get tasty takeout from our food vendors. Delectable foods inspired by local ingredients from area farms. We will post a list of food vendors about a month before the festival.

We now use washable plates in the food vending area to minimize waste.  In 2018 we implemented composting and  banned the ubiquitous plastic straw.

If you are cooking at your campsite please ensure your propane/gas equipment is safe and that you are safely operating it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.


R&S is for families and friends and their pets too. Children 16-years-old and younger with their families do not have to buy festival passes. Dogs who  are “fixed” (spayed or neutered) and do well with crowds and music can attend R&S, provided they are on a leash. Please avoid the front of the main stage as it is a stressful place for dogs. The same applies to horses and some children. R&S has loud music – ear protection for babies, kids and even grown-ups is wise.

Our venue owners have 3 dogs who are typically off-leash.  They keep the canine order and are well-trained and friendly.


People with mobility issues should email our Director at peter@riverandsky.ca to discuss and arrange accommodations.  Special camping & parking arrangements can be made with close access to a wheelchair accessible portable washroom.  Discounted admission rates may apply for support persons.

Service dogs are welcome at R&S.


We cannot currently provide the following:

  • Wheelchairs or hearing aids
  • Services of a personal nature, i.e. wheelchair assistance, assistance in using restrooms or eating
  • Interpreters

Our festival is held at a large outdoor venue with natural and varying terrain.  Patrons will need to cover large distances over grassy, uneven, and possibly muddy surfaces.  That being said, access to our Main Stage and Beach Stage is typically achievable, however, heavy rain would diminish access to the Beach Stage.

All R&S volunteers and support staff are required to undergo AODA training.

Our website has recently been redesigned to be more readable.

Feedback on any accessibility aspect of R&S is welcomed and encouraged.


R&S wants you to have a good time – you deserve it – but not at the expense of your own well-being or that of someone else. The majority of R&S’ers get it, and as a result, R&S has a great vibe that transcends a typical concert experience.

Word – please do not consider R&S a quest to get laid. Have fun, enjoy yourself and you may just find that special someone without even trying. Don’t force the issue. Project SoundCheck in Ottawa has been a great resource for us.  Feel free to download their manual: Ending Sexual Violence at Mass Gatherings. Here is an excerpt on Bystander Invention – should you see an interaction happening that makes you pause – trust your gut – and use this advice:

If you are concerned about the way two people are interacting, you can use distraction as a way to disrupt the situation. This works even if you aren’t sure what is happening in the situation; you can use distraction to address the person who might be vulnerable, or the person who you worry could be an aggressor. Someone who commits drug or alcohol-facilitated sexual assault at a large event is going to do what they think they can get away with. These predators feel invisible in the big crowd, and they act when they think no one is watching them or no one will stop them. Sometimes just being a presence and letting people know that you see them can make a huge difference. If you worry about how a man is talking to a woman, but you aren’t sure if the woman is Distraction Technique comfortable, you can engage either one of them in conversation. Distracting him for a moment is a non-confrontational way to offer her a chance to disengage from the conversation if she wants to. Distracting her for a moment offers her a chance to ask you for help if she wants, and to leave the situation without having to escalate it by accusing anyone. Some volunteers start a conversation about the music, or ask a question to start the distraction. There are no set rules for distractions, just say something that feels safe, comfortable, and natural to you. By speaking to either or both of the people involved, you can buy some time while you send someone else to get event staff. If you need help, delegate a task to a specific person by asking them to go get security.


Rough camping is available in field and forested areas. To create a safer and more stress-free environment, we have moved to make these primarily tenting areas into “car-free zones” during the festival, with the exception of stationary campervans that arrive earlier in the week and must be parked for the entire festival.  Tenting space is included in your festival pass.  If you are camping in a group you may want to bring a kitchen tent and a folding table. Trailers and RVs arriving after noon on Thursday will not be permitted in the car-free zones but can set up in the Trailer/Camper area behind the Main Stage.  Anyone wishing to camp Sunday evening will need to pay Fisher’s Paradise directly unless you are an R&S volunteer helping out!


No cars are permitted beyond the gate in the camping areas. Our volunteers will help you pack your gear in by way of bicycle or dolly. Consider bringing your bike or canoe. Folks have been biking and paddling into the festival. Let us know if you plan to do this. We also recommend you protect your feet and don’t wear open-toed shoes as stubs are a common festival hazard. A light is always handy to have on hand or head.


A variety of workshops and activities will be offered – yoga with Liz O’Hara et al, puppetry and kid-craft with Kimberley Howe, dance-movement with Global Groove’s Shannon Falconi, and astronomy are a few we’ve had in the past. Take a look at our list of 2019 workshops! (also posted in the schedule)


You can swim in the oxbow off the main stage or in the Sturgeon River at the beach stage – always at your own risk and never while impaired – recognizing that the river does have a current that fluctuates in strength depending on water levels. This year, 2019, the water level is high and the current strong — if you are not a strong swimmer do not attempt to swim across. Saunas are also available at the beach stage. Stay hydrated by drinking water and don’t overdo it. Children must be supervised in the sauna and in the water by their parents/guardians – at all times.  Neglecting the safety and well-being of children will not be permitted or tolerated.


Campfires are permitted at your campsite – please use a campfire ring. Firewood is provided by R&S!

Here’s a link with information on how to safely build a campfire: https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-build-safe-campfire


Welcome to Northern Ontario! The witching hour falls at dusk for mosquitos. Wear long sleeves, light colours, apply bug dope, and avoid eating bananas. Mosquitos and blackflies do not recognize black tights as pants and will bite right through.


For the past two years the Canadian Ski Patrol has been our main first aid provider.  We also coordinate with the local Community First Response Team.  We have an ambulance waiting station with a dedicated first aid tent stocked with supplies and we have R&S staff and volunteers with first aid training.


There is no beer tent at R&S. Open alcohol at your campsite is OK. No open alcohol (walking with can of beer) outside campsites please. Pour into something.  Definitely NO GLASS anywhere at Fishers’ Paradise – especially at the beach around the campfire.  It is tempting to pass a bottle around the campfire but please respect this rule.  Please consider some of our favourite sponsors when you are getting supplies – Steam Whistle, Big Rig, Stack, Cross Cut Distillery, and Split Rail.


Washrooms at R&S are a mix of porta-potties and outhouses. We do our best to keep them in good shape and well stocked throughout the weekend.


By sorting your waste throughout the weekend you are helping to keep the festival rolling and making the jobs of volunteers much easier. We collect deposit-return containers to raise funds for our activities.  PLEASE DO NOT HOARD YOUR GARBAGE AND PUT IT OUT JUST AS YOU LEAVE. NO FUN FOR US.  Please unpackage any new items you have purchased for the festival at home or at the store.

Our clean-up in 2018 was fantastic – thanks and blessings to all of our audience who put out their waste and recycling throughout the weekend and to our volunteers who stayed and assisted.  Job well done!!


When you check in – you are issued a wristband.  If you notice anyone on site without a wristband please let a volunteer or security guard know of the situation. In 2019, we are putting a special focus on making sure everyone has their wristband on at all times. We have grown, but want to remain small; this is one step we can take to ensuring R&S can maximize its crowd size while remaining cozy and friendly.

If you’re confused about our ticketing policy, we got you covered – here’s a link to some FAQ’s about tickets: https://riverandsky.ca/shortcodes/gatefaqs/