Passes - All your questions answered!

Q: Does everyone need a pass?

Children and teens 16 years and younger with their families get in to the festival for free.
Everyone else needs to purchase their own pass whether for the day or multi-days.

Q: Can I decide what days to apply a 3 day pass?

No. Sorry, you cannot because we would have no way of tracking people’s wristbands. The days are indicated on the ticket. For a quick reference here they are:
5- Day pass: Arrive Wednesday – Depart Sunday (This pass is intended for people
who want to arrive before the Festival’s official start Thursday night.)
4- Day pass: Arrive Thursday – Depart Sunday
3- Day pass: Arrive Friday – Depart Sunday

Q: How early can I arrive?

Our gate opens at 9am each day of the festival.

Q: I can’t afford a pass – is there any way to still attend?

Yes, by volunteering! There are many benefits to volunteering at the festival including access to all 5 days of R&S, meeting people, free meals, a special volunteer show on the beach Wednesday night … but you do have to purchase a $30 membership to volunteer and commit to 9 hours of work over the festival.
There’s more info in our volunteer section. https://riverandsky.ca/#volunteer

Q: I’m confused by the Day and Night passes. How do they work?

Night Passes: Arrive at 6 p.m. and stay to after the last show.
Day Passes: Covers both the day time and the night time events. Arrive as early as 9 am and stay until after the last show.

Q: Will there still be camping available for the 3-day pass holders?

Yes! No worries there. Each year we add to the available camping spots. We also hold back some camping spots and open them up each day.

Q: What if I just want to stay overnight with a day/night pass? Can I do that?

Yes! But you need to purchase an overnight tenting pass. We also may ask you to set up your tent in a special over-night area (if you are not bunking in with a friend). You will need to leave the next day by 11 am.

Q: Can I camp with or in my car?

If you buy a trailer-pass for your car you can camp with it in the trailer area. There is no driving or cars allowed in the tent camping areas (we do not want to take the risk that you might need to drive your car).