"> River & Sky Music/Camping Festival - July 20-23, 2017


The following rules are about safety. In general, take care of each other. Take care of your children. Scale it back at R&S - don’t over indulge - enjoy yourself. Drink lots of water and be mindful of sun/heat stroke. Alcohol will hit you harder while hanging out in the sun - it dehydrates you along with sun = double whammy. Add in the sauna = triple whammy. Be advised that open toe footwear, such as sandals, do not offer you the best protection when camping at R&S - save them for the beach. Protect your toes. Be safe in the water. Swimming is at your own risk. Campfire rings will be issued or found in designated campfire areas - no fires outside of designated areas. Always assess the safety of your activities and your child's activities. River and Sky is a low key event for people who enjoy their families and friends, great music, the out-of-doors, campfires, swimming and stars. R&S/R&SAW = River & Sky Arts in the Woods; C&J = the property owners.

- Rain or shine. No refunds.
- R&SAW and C&J reserve the right to evict anyone for noncompliance of rules - without refund. Wristbands must be worn at all times.
- Lost wristbands will be replaced upon presentation of eticket and photo ID and/or password.
- No smoking around kids - no butts on ground; collect your butts. No smoking in public crowded areas - step away from the crowd. Law.
- No ATV's or motorcycles allowed passed the main gate (except staff).
- Amplified instruments or music not permitted at campsites. We reserve the right to tell people to turn it down or off.
- Acoustic jams are encouraged.
- Be mindful of Quiet Areas.
- Persons with day passes must exit the park within 1/2 hour of the last stage show ending.
- Cars taken to campsites are to be left at campsites - no driving around the park. Bicycles are welcome. Children must wear helmets.
- Canoes and kayaks are welcome. Regulations need to be adhered to.
- You must have a PFD (Personal Flotation Device) for everyone in a boat. If it is an inflatable PFD then it has to be worn at all times. Children must wear PFD's in boats.
- No motorized water equipment permitted.
- Pets are welcome but not in the immediate stage area. Pickup after your pet. R&S and C&J not responsible for the conduct of pets. Management can ask for their removal.
- Fire must be contained in a designated fire pit and attended to at all times. Do not cut trees. Firewood will be delivered to designated areas.
- No glass at R&S - anywhere.
- All garbage must be recycled/separated: food waste, cans/bottles, propane cylinders , batteries, plastic containers. Do not crush your beer cans. Do not hoard your waste until the last day.
- Sanitary waste must be disposed of in restrooms.
- Campers agree to reimburse Fishers' Paradise for any damage to property.
- Children under 13 must be attended by a parent or a designated responsible guardian at all times. Families are responsible for their children at all times during R&S especially near to and in the water - families may be asked to leave if their children are found unattended (by request of C&J - they want R&S to be safe for kids & so do we).
- Be advised that open-toed footwear (sandals), although really comfy, can result in stubbed/cut toes if you venture off the trails.
- Enjoy yourself and allow others to enjoy themselves. Please be kind and mindful of others.