Feeling nostalgic for the early days? Wondering how to navigate and make the most of future fests?

This 130-page-plus, softcover guide features:
☞ A whack of full-colour photos from festivals past
☞ A little history, a lot of fun
☞ An introduction to West Nippissing and the wondrous stops along the way
☞ An R&S choose-your-own-adventure that runs throughout the book!
☞ Camping recipes to make at the fest—from burritos to muffins to pierogies and beyond
☞ Tall tales (almost all true!)
☞ Activities for during the festival and beyond
☞ Alumni pages with insights from R&S long-haulers
☞ Love letters
☞ Incredible illustrations from regional artists

Thanks to dedicated R&Ser’s Ella Myers, Michael Scherzinger, and graphic designer Matti Lehtelä, the River & Sky Ultimate Survival Guide (Extended Edition) has it all…… and more!

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