R&S 2019 Add-on Camping Passes – Trailers & Tents & More


Want to bring a trailer?  Are you buying a day pass but feel that you should stay overnight with us instead of driving after the show?  You will find the right pass here.

One trailer pass can be purchased on behalf of the group using the trailer.

If you are buying a day pass and you need to stay over please pick up a tent pass. Tent pass holders will have a specified camping area and will be asked to leave by 11 a.m. the next morning (unless you have a day pass for that day as well!). Please buy one tent pass for every ticket holder staying over.

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Want to bring a trailer? Want to bring a tent? Or do you want to rent? This is the spot.

The Trailer and Tent passes are for bringing your own equipment.

The Rent-A-Tent is for renting our equipment. Rent-A-Tents are located in the “Hippy Hotel.”

Our new glamping sites are suitable for couples, families and even groups.  The tent is a 12’x12′ canvas wall tent with 6′ side walls and a 4′ front porch.  Each site has a private outhouse and firepit.  Each tent is furnished – ‘hobo-chic’ fixings.  There is room to place extra tents on each site.  Twin XL mattresses x 2 for buds or push them together and sleep like a King – sheets and linens included.

Additional information

Add-On Camping

Small Trailer, Large Trailer, Tent, Glamping Site, Rent-A-Tent: Thursday, Rent-A-Tent: Friday, Rent-A-Tent: Saturday

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