For over a decade, one of the Northern Ontario’s best kept secret has been slowly growing.

Looking back, our previous lineups have been a musical journey. We’ve had amazing local talent and big-name artists lighting up our stage, making Northeastern Ontario’s music scene thrive. 

Now, get ready for a trip down memory lane as we unveil the lineup from every unforgettable year!

Past lineups


The Sadies, Dominique Fils-Aimé, Aysanabee, Julie Doiron, Daniel Romano’s Outfit, Clerel, Zoon, Pelada, Julianna Riolino, Shotgun Jimmie, Status/Non Status, Tess Roby, Little Mazarn, Poolblood, Pantayo, Vypers, Dilettante, Pleasure Craft, Mother Tongues, Pretty, Nyama Nyama, Lazy Daisies, Hobby, J3M, Bad Actors, Accolades, Ryan Problems & the Solutions, Scorpion King, Steve & the Royal Hotel, and Cloud Ultrasound.


OMBII GIZI, Murder Murder, TUSH, Young Guv, Frankie & The Witch Fingers, Bodywash, Ducks Ltd., Ouri, Ami Dang, Yoo Doo Right, Choses Sauvages, Casper Skulls, Packs, Jasmyn, The Effens, TAFARI (Tafari Anthony), Léona, Beams, ROSINA, Only God Forgives, Ox, Rose-Erin Stokes, Summersets, Barry & the Banana’s, Teleporters, Maxwell Jose Band, Rare Earth Magnet, Austra, Dilly Dally, Pink Mountaintops, Low Animal, Eric Clancy, Julie Katrinette, Brooke Bruce


Helena Deland, The OBGM’S, Witch Prophet, Kiwi Jr., Spencer Burton, G.R. GRITT, Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie, Whitney K, Population II, Kristian North, Supertoke, Bon Enfant, Fauxcils, Haviah Mighty, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs.



Tommy & The Commies, Tallies, Storry, Bryden Gwiss Kiwenzie, Hot Garbage, Mother Tongues, G.R. GRITT, TRP.P., Supertoke, Tafari Anthony, The Effens, Burner, McLean, Jennifer Holub, Dry Heaves, Jor’del Downz, Matt Foy, Lisa Marie Naponse, Peach Pact, Unknown Voidz, Jay Buswa, Owls, Helena Cheu, Like a Girl, Like a Boy, Dart Mouth, Jon Couzelis, Maxwell Jose, Eric Clancy, Sebastian Zwarich, The Sadies, Witch Prophet, Luna Li, Bad Waitress.



Munya, Altin Gün, Mdou Moctar, Jaunt, Orville Peck, Doomsquad, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan, Pottery, Little Junior, Paul Jacobs, TUSH, Luna Li, Little Marzan, Dirty Princes, Bad Waitress, Tommy & The Commies, Rapport, Oli Palkovits, Lovers Touch, Annie Sumi, Gladys Lazer, Cots, Lisa Marie Naponse, Mother Tongues, The Blaze Velluto Collection, Kristine Schmitt & Jesse Corrigan, Hollerado, U.S. Girls, Fucked Up, Fast Romantics.



Operators, Michael Rault, Anemone, Shred Kelly, Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs, Twist, Laura Sauvage, Daniel Romano, Bernice Helena Deland, Julie Doiron, Eric Landry, The Almighty Rhombus, Kommissars, Tallies, Rose-Erin Stokes, Léona, Main Street Echo, The Ape-ettes, Georgian Bay, Dany Laj & the Looks, WHOOP-Szo, Walrus, Possum, Ansley Simpson, Magic Pelvis, Skin Condition, Born Ruffians, The Pack A.D., Chad VanGAALEN, Land of Talk.



The Weather Station, Little Scream, Lonely Parade, Skye Wallace, Fet.Nat, The Wilderness of Manitoba, New Swears, Partner, Hooded Fang, Murder Murder, Casper Skulls, Tofino, Tommy & The Commies, Corridor, Vulvets, Un Blonde, Telecolor, Heat, Pick a Piper, Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band, Jennifer Holub, Mike Mikus, Richard Laviolette, Lazy Daisies, Pony, Jackson Reed, Billy Moon, Chanelle Albert, Hannah Shira Naiman, Germaphobes, The Blisters, Walrus, Wintersleep, PUP, Timber Timbre, Weaves.


Tops, The Courtneys, Ought, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Bry Webb & The Providers, Nap Eyes, Language Arts, Darlene Shrugg, Hello Holiday, Barry Miles, Dirty Princes, Dunes, Josh Turnbull, David Dino White, Matt Foy, Submerged Objects Band, Phern, Night Terrors, Moss Lime, Yonantan Gat, Steven Lambke, Sik Rik, Annie Sumi, Hidden Roots Collective, The Ape-ettes, Hurt Protector Quantum Tangle, Eric Clancy, Edquard Landry, Metz, Hey Rosetta!, Beach Fossils, Basia Bulat, The Sadies.



Homeshake, Kalle Mattson, Shotgun Jimmie & The Band, Digging Roots, Blonde Elvis, Sea Perry, Adrian Teacher & The Subs, Pistol George Warren, The Most Serene Republic, Human Music, Jennifer Castle, B.A. Johnston, Mick Futures, Bird City, Eccodek Live P.A., Magic Pelvis, Find the Other, Absolutely Free DJ, Davy Poulin, Howie Moonlight, Nickel City Bluegrass, Taylor Knox, Tim Bradford & The Kentucky Whiskey, Brigitte Lebel, Billy Bison & The Rodeo Clowns, Black Mountain, Antibalas, Hayden.



B.A. Johnston, The Silver Hearts, Freelove Fenner, The Highest Order, Stella Ella Ola, Murder Murder, Odd Years, This Harbour, Once Nomadic, Geyser, Hugh Jazz, Spencer Jose, The Besnard Lakes, The Dodos, Bry Webb, Cuff The Duke, Daniel Romano, Snowblink, Ketamines.



Minotaurs, Hooded Fang, Strange Attractor, Hilotrons, Marie-Claire et les Hula-Hoops, Love Banshee, Supertoke, Eat’N Holler, The Almighty Rhombus, Static & Snow, Ben Hermann, Devin Cuddy, The Rural Alberta Advantage, Miracle Fortress, The Bicycles, Rich Aucoin, Lindi Ortega, Jaill, Old Man Luedecke.



Honheehonhee, Hollerado, Great Aunt Ida, Shotgun Jimmie, Harlan Pepper, Faraway Neighbours, Shred Kelly, Pistol George Warren, Moon King, Little Sir Echo, Coast Redwood, The METTAphors, Young Galaxy, John K. Samson, Library Voices, Chad VanGAALEN



Lightmares, Statues, Young Rival, Diamond Rings, Canailles, Parks & Rec, Gospel Sunday, The Gertrudes, Jenn Grant, United Steel Workers of Montreal, The Wild Turkeys, Dany Laj, Jack Marks, The Two Minutes Miracles, Forest City Lovers, Bruce Peninsula, Hooded Fang, Winter Gloves, Jenny Omnichord, Kate Maki & Fred Squire.



By Divine Right, Yukon Blonde, Pinecones, Karyn Ellis, Boy Who Say No, Hard Ryde, The Stables, Brian Dunn, Jess Lee & Cindy Doire, Willett, Pistol George Warren, The Brementown Players, Plants and Animals, Born Ruffians, Ohbijou, The Wooden Sky.



The Divorcees, The Deep Dark Woods, Fembots, Hard Ryde, Kate Maki, Minotaurs, Sunparlor Players, Joliettes, The Rubes, Bandit, Ox, Eye Was an Ion, Alun Piggins, Saltcoats, Meadowlark Five, $100, Julie Doiron, Oh Susanna, Attack in Black, The Violet Archers, Shotgun Jimmie.