Food Vendor Application Form

Thanks for wanting to take part in R&S 2020. Please review our demands ;), complete the MENU & PRICING FORM (see below) and the VENDOR INFORMATION FORM (see below).

We want R&S food vending to have a focus on using locally sourced food. One of your menu items has to be 100% local/regional. We encourage you to continue sourcing your ingredients from our food suppliers including Eat Local Sudbury.

As well as having a focus on regional sustainable agriculture we all want our food to complement the diet needs of our attendees:

  1. offering at least one vegan option
  2. offering more vegetarian and gluten­free options
  3. staying local and trying to limit ingredient purchases to Canada in the end

We appreciate you bringing your best stuff to R&S. Please ensure your quality is top-notch and consistent. More and more audience members are coming to R&S relying on our food vendors to feed them.

Affordability is also key. $5, $10 and $15 dollar offerings will ensure that you are able to appeal to all of our demographic.

R&S is a 5-day event. The festival begins on Wednesday, July 22th this year. Gate opens at noon.

At R&S, we are trying to eliminate waste.  Here’s what we’re up to:

  • 2017 – washable/reusable dishware implemented.
  • 2018 – composting initiated, plastic drinking straws banned.
  • 2019 – looking to improve all of our systems.
  • 2020 – looking to bring more farm to the table and jack the heat up on our dishwasher

Health unit inspections will take place the morning of July 23rd.  Please consider setting up on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Have a good festival and thank you for adding to the vibe.


Vending Coordinator: Melanie Alkins,; 705-477-2801 (talk and text)


  1. There is an upfront $250 + HST vendor registration fee, payable upon completion of this agreement. Since we will be promoting your business we can receipt you for either advertising or registration ­ whichever is of more benefit to you.
  2. Final payment of $250 + HST is due on July 10th.


All vendors will be provided with a clipboard and tracking sheets. We ask for a simple tally of items sold, with an eye to helping festival organizers and vendors in the years to come to be better prepared according to audience demand and food preferences. The clipboard is to be returned during check­out.  This exercise should also help cut back on food wastage.  R&S will use or donate any food left behind by vendors.


Before you begin to sell food your setup will be inspected by the Health Unit at 10:30 am on Thursday, July the 23rd. Vendors are required to pass an inspection conducted on­site by an inspector from the North Bay and District Health Unit. Vehicles and food storage facilities are also subject to inspection. Access to the property is available on Wednesday to begin setup. You are expected to be prepared to sell your items by noon on Thursday. This is important for positive audience experiences.


Vendors are required to remain open during festival hours. These hours are as follows: Thursday 12:00 pm ­ 11:00 pm.

Friday 12:00 pm ­ 11:00 pm Saturday 12:00 pm ­ 11:00 pm Sunday 12:00 pm ­ 3:00 pm.

Note – should you choose to be open earlier, feel free!


Some vendor locations are reserved based upon past participation in R&S. Assignment of vendor locations will also be based on needs. Vendor spaces are limited to available space and are typically a minimum of 10’ x 10’. If you are selling from a trailer or food truck, arrangements are to be made beforehand with the Food Vendor Coordinator. If you would like to use an R&S preconfigured vending space please contact us regarding cost.


River & Sky may ask you to modify your signage or setup if it is found to not be in keeping with the character and goals of River & Sky’s Mission, Vision and Values. You will be expected to cooperate with us if changes are requested. If you’re unsure about your design/setup please ask – send us some photos.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO POST ADVERTISING FOR THIRD PARTIES AT R&S. We have worked hard to develop our backwoods aesthetic – don’t go ruining it.


In keeping with the festival’s sustainability mandate, all food containers must be washable, recyclable, reusable, or compostable. We have enough plates to cover your needs and we have volunteers to wash them.

Again – we will be composting, washing plates and cutlery, and banning straws in 2020.


A minimum of one staff member must be present in each vendor’s booth at all times. The booth cannot be left unattended during sales hours. Staff attire must be in keeping with health and safety requirements. Your staff should have basic safety and food safety training and, AODA training as well re: recognizing patrons with needs.


There will be reserved parking for vendors along our new service corridor. Vehicles can be used during set­up before the festival begins on Thursday.  For the safety of volunteers and audience members, vehicles will only be permitted in the food vending area before and after the event.  We also do not want vehicles directly in the vending area for reasons of aesthetics and vibe.  We are surrounded by cars in our everyday lives – R&S is intended to be an escape from the everyday.  Please comply.  Thanks.  (pz)


All vendors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance for liability coverage. Proof of liability insurance must be supplied with this application. River & Sky Arts in the Woods must be listed as an Additional Insured. We need to see that you have coverage specific to operating at our venue location: 3636b Hwy 539, Field, ON, P0H 1M0.


River & Sky Arts in the Woods is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage that may occur to the vendor, the vendor’s property, or its employees. Vendors are required to carry insurance against injury to persons and property. Each vendor shall assume all risk as provided herein and release/hold harmless, River & Sky Arts in the Woods and its Board and membership from any such loss, damage, injury or death.


Check­out is between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Sunday. Find Peter Z. or Melanie Alkins when you are ready to roll. Together we will:

  • Inspect your site and make sure that it is clean and in an acceptable state.
  • Return the clipboard with recorded sales.
  • Have a short debriefing and provide us with feedback on your experience.


R&S reserves the right to remove any item from sale that, in the organizer’s opinion, poses a safety threat, is offensive or is generally undesirable as part of the event. Such decisions may be made at any time prior to and during the event. River & Sky also reserves the right to conduct inspections on-site to help ensure food safety. Festival volunteers may measure the temperature of refrigerator and freezer storage, as well as the temperature at which food is being served. Health unit inspectors may also show up throughout the weekend.


  • Application Form
  • North Bay Health Unit Temporary Special Event Permit
  • Cheque made payable to River & Sky Arts in the Woods for $250.00 + HST after the application has been accepted
  • Copy of insurance certificate (NO LATER THAN JUNE 10TH)
  • Copy of logo (.jpg, .pdf, .eps, .png) and business information
  • Final payment of $250.00 + HST by July 10th.


R&S will provide:

  • 10’ x 10’ serving space or equivalent facing the main stage Parking along our service corridor
  • 15A of power (avoid relying on AC powered gear)
  • Access to potable water
  • Up to 4 vendor passes for you and your staff members ($800 value)
  • Ice at cost
  • space in our reefer trailer

R&S food vendor agrees to:

  • Submit menu items with pricing on time and as directed by June 9th along with your business logo and location. We want to promote your food via our website, our social media channels and our program guide.
  • Contact our health unit representative with required forms as directed by June 9th [failure to do so will void this agreement]
  • Submit their certificate of insurance with R&S Arts in the Woods listed as ‘Additional Insured’ by June 10th.
  • Meet quality assurance/safety standards set by the Health Unit
  • Respect and work well with the R&S Food Vendor Coordinator and R&S volunteers
  •  Share some love with the audience, artists and guests
  • Not post plastic banners, signs or third-party ads at R&S
  • Maintain hours of operation as directed
  • Minimize kitchen waste
  • Never run a generator at R&S
  • Use our washable foodservice containers
  • Handle waste and grey water as directed by the venue
  • Be clean and leave nothing behind when the event is over
  • Track sales as directed
  • Pay our $500 (HST included) registration fee
  • Forfeit their $250 advance portion of fee should they fail to meet the June 9th deadlines listed in this agreement

R&S food vendor to supply own:

  • Tent(s) including sandbags or weights to secure them and any other structure
  • Signage / promotional materials ­- no plastic/vinyl banners – chalkboards!
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • LED lighting
  • Extension cords which must pass an onsite inspection
  • Safe­keeping and operation of any equipment and products are vendors’ responsibility
  • Cash, credit card and debit card security – we are not responsible for theft or loss of money
  • Basic hand washing station
  • Waste receptacles – no garbage bags laying around please
  • Water hose rated for portable usage

R&S food vendor will provide R&S with (by June 9th):

  • Logo ­ .eps format is preferred
  • Food photos
  • Description of your restaurant/business
  • Location of your restaurant (if applicable)
  • R&S menu items along with descriptions

Please email Melanie Alkins with your retail name as the subject line if you have any questions pertaining to this application.

I have read, understand and agree to all of R&S' demands (required)


Please provide detailed information about your menu below in the chart provided. Please indicate which item is 100% locally sourced.

Please submit at least one photo of your work (5MB/photo size limit).