Artisans & Crafters are valued by R&S. R&S invites Artisans & Crafters to bring their work to display and sell at R&S.
We charge a $150 fee (HST included) and we ask that you donate a piece/craft for sale at the R&S Silent Auction Table. We also ask that you offer a (simple) workshop, if possible.
The fee includes 2 wristbands and free pancakes + your vending space.

We are accepting applications via this form only. We will choose a limited number of Artisans & Crafters to attend R&S based on their fit with our Mission/Vision. Applicants will be chosen based on how your Yin mixes with our Yang or vice versa.

Particulars: you get a 10x10 display space. You provide your own tent/cover, table and lighting via LED lights and batteries. Power requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. You and an assistant will have full access to the festival/camping (2 weekend passes). We will promote your attendance/crafts via our website and social media channels preFest.
Please note that Crafters and their display booths, workshops, and products are not covered under our insurance policy. We can help set up coverage for roughly $150 per kiosk (PAL Insurance). Or you can choose to attend without insurance.

Our Vision is to become a leader, early adopter and innovator in presenting the Arts Sustainably.
Our Mission is to present regional, national and international emerging indie, folk and roots music while showcasing a community-based, simple and sustainable way of life.
— Let this be your guide!

Many thanks for wanting to partake in R&S.

Please email with your retail name as the subject line if you have any questions pertaining to this application.

Are you bringing an assistant to the festival?

Are you bringing children to the festival?

Are you bringing your dog?

For camping, I am bringing:
tentRV/Trailer (please purchase the appropriate trailer pass)

Do you have additional needs re: attending R&S?

Tell Us About Your Craft

Do you Want to offer a workshop?

I am insuredI am insured and can obtain a certificate of insurance with River & Sky Arts in the Woods named as additional insuredI am not insured but I would Like R&S to help me get a temporary policyI do not want insurance

I will pay the $150 fee and offer a craft item(s) with a total retail value of at least $50 for the R&S Silent Auction table.

I agree to provide my own 10x10 shelter and LED lighting - running from my own batteries. I will not bring or operate a generator at R&S:

I agree to be present and working it in the crafter's area between the hours of noon until 6:00 PM or I will team up with other Crafters to ensure that a Crafter is always available to meet R&S'ers. I understand that R&S extends no insurance coverage to me. I also understand that I do not need insurance to attend R&S as a Crafter but that is in my own best interest to obtain insurance. I also agree to hold River & Sky Arts in the Woods harmless should I, or members of my party, suffer injury, death or losses of any kind in any way. Also - I am aware that I am responsible for my actions and the safety of my crafts/products and workshops.

Please submit at least one photo of your work (10MB/photo size limit)