Important Updates River and Sky

Important Updates for Returning Friends of the Fest

This small not-for profit has been bringing the community together for 16 years, with 13 of our festival being held at our beloved Fishers’ Paradise. After much discussion with the Chris and Julie, the owners who welcome us to their home every year, we’ve decided to implement a new model for ticketing, one that they use with any other folks who want to gather; a camping fee.

Or what we’d like to more aptly name, a Fishers’ Fee! This flat fee is incorporated into every ticket — weekend, day, vendor, guests, comped tickets, giveaway winners, you name it (volunteers excluded).

It will be given directly to the Fishers’, and is completely separate from what goes to the festival. The fee is $30 for multi-day passes and $10 for single-day passes. The fee for children (ages 6-13) is $15 for multi-day and $5 for single-day.

But wait, are kids still free under 14? Yes! River & Sky isn’t charging a ticket for kids under 14. It’s simply the Fishers’ Fee that you’ll be covering — this helps us and the Fishers’ prepare the venue for all different ages, anticipate numbers, know what kind of workshops to program, and keep track of the little ones on-site.

Lastly, we are now issuing a Dog Pass. You heard us correctly! We’ve always prided ourselves on being able to let folks bring their beloved pets with them to the festival, however it’s become clearer in recent years that we need to be more diligent. Last year, the Health Unit had some concerns and a lot of you let us know through our survey that unleashed dogs made you uneasy. This helps us make sure all dogs are accounted for, makes folks feel more safe, and eases minds at the Health Unit. The pass is $20, covers the entire duration of the festival, and comes with a R&S bandana for their neck — think of it like their wristband!