2018 River & Sky Audience Satisfaction Survey

Hello – as sweater season sets upon us so we begin to plan for R&S 2019. Our favourite planning tool is the Audience Survey. Please take some time to complete this survey. R&S is not a huge festival so this is a great way to make your voice heard. As more people complete the survey, it becomes increasingly relevant to those doing the planning. Our funders appreciate that we undertake this survey and it plays a vital role in our grant applications. Taking this action is a great way to help ensure R&S continues and that it reflects what you like in a festival.

R&S 2018 Images Captured by Vanessa Tignanelli

River & Sky presents music in nature and celebrates the culture of camping in Northeastern Ontario while trying to keep things simple and sustainable.

Since our inception in 2009, R&S has strived to support regional emerging artists in Northeastern Ontario and to showcase their talents alongside amazing artists from across Canada and beyond. Sincere thanks are extended to the Department of Canadian Heritage – Canada Arts Presentation Fund; the Ontario Arts Council, the Socan Foundation, the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Music Futures Program and the Government of Ontario. R&S would not be possible without this support. Many thanks to the R&S Music Committee and to everyone who submitted their music!

Our 2018 River & Sky Lineup

Our venue partner, Fishers’ Paradise, is located between River Valley and Field, in West Nipissing Ontario. R&S works with our hosts, Chris and Julie, to shape new campsites and trails and more. Our volunteers build fun things like saunas that add to the R&S fun too.  The property features the Sturgeon River and a private oxbow lake – both semi-private and group campsites – and lots of trees for shade. We welcome you to bring your bikes and canoes and your pooches. Yes – dogs are welcome!  Please see our rules for more info.

Our audience mostly camps in tents but we do have limited space for camping trailers.   Passes for trailers cost $30 or $60 for the duration of the festival.

River & Sky supports sustainability in our region by promoting, supporting and working with like-minded organizations and partners. We donate passes to other organizations for prizes and silent auction items.

Being completely sustainable is not easy. We do use diesel and gas generators and power equipment to maintain our venue. In the long-term, we plan to change this. In the short-term, we have ensured that all waste from the festival has been audited – sorted and placed into the correct municipal waste management streams. Our camping areas are carefully chosen. Areas that exhibit floodplain behaviour are off-limits. We ask our audience not to camp directly beside the river or on the beach so as to avoid unnecessary impacts upon the shoreline. In 2015 we created a new pathway, set back from the river’s edge, to allow a vegetative buffer to take root in an attempt to preserve the shoreline.

In 2017, all our vendors switched to reusable/washable dishware and this coming summer we will also ban plastic straws.  We do not sell water in plastic bottles and we offer our attendees free water. Cars have been removed from the majority of our camping areas and bikes and canoes are encouraged. Projects such as our cob oven and sauna builds have been based on sustainable building techniques and reuse/recycling of materials. You will not see a sea of plastic banners at R&S. We really try to keep it simple.

R&S will never become a mega-festival as we feel that being small is meaningful with less impact and more Nature for all of us attending.

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Becoming a member of any not-for-profit organization is a show of support for what the organization does. A strong membership means that there is a community of like-minded people who stand behind the ideals of the organization.
At R&S we present the Arts in Nature in support of Sustainability.
We also love to celebrate the culture of camping in the North!

You need to become a member to volunteer at R&S.


– Volunteer arrival and orientation day on Wednesday, July 18th with end-of-day beach party with bands – just for volunteers.  If you can’t make it for Orientation and the Beach Party – no worries.  Communicate with your Leads.
– Dedicated group campsite for volunteers with perks
– Volunteer meals and snacks
– Better volunteer coordination and scheduling to make your work experience an improved one overall


– have a voice and a vote at our Annual General Meeting
– are helping to shape and support the festival
– get pancake breakfasts each morning at the festival – blueberries!
We hope that as a member you will feel part of the R&S community – one that is working to create a fun, stress-free weekend in July while exploring sustainable living and building practices as well as bringing together people who share a love of music and nature, family and friendship.


Contribute either
– a minimum of 9 hours of work ( generally 3 three-hour shifts) during the festival
– 21 hours throughout the year at work-parties, on committees, festival set-up, or take-down

– you must be 16 years of age or older otherwise, you are helping your parents/guardians with their work.

Expectations are that volunteers will show up on time for their shifts and do their best to make the festival a great experience for ticket holders, fellow volunteers and organizers alike. R&S does reserve the right to decline a volunteer’s application based on past performance. We are always in need of volunteers with certifications such as Standard First Aid, Smart Serve, and any tickets such as “chainsaw training.”

  • Technical – helping our stage, lights and sound leads
  • Welcome – gate and parking
  • Snack shack & food vending – food prep & service, dishwashing
  • Artist Hospitality – setting up artist campsites, ensuring needs of artists are met on time
  • Signage – keeping people informed and safe
  • Natural Building & Construction – saunas, cob ovens and more
  • Membership & Volunteer – setting up volunteer camping area, ensuring needs of artists are met
  • Crafters – helping our crafters get set up and running, collect donations for silent auction table
  • Fundraising & Events – helping at our ongoing shows selling tickets and merch
  • Washrooms & Waste Diversion (recycling and garbage) – THE most important jobs
  • Saunas & Campfires – maintaining the fire and keeping things safe
  • Merch – help us screen t-shirts prefestival and sell them at the festival
  • Venue Development – developing and maintaining campsites and pathway


We would love to work with your business or organization!


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Many thanks to Fishers’ Paradise, our brave artists and audience and all of our volunteers for making our first Winterfest – Shiver & Sky – a success.  We will post photos and video and a recap to our blog . . . once we create our blog ;)!